Minecraft server FAQ

Q. What kind of server is this?

A. The Sklay Elite MC Server is an "event-based, money-oriented team arms race battle".

Q. What do you mean "event-based"?

A. The server is oriented around times. At a certain time, the map is reset to its default. After a certain time of play, usually about a month or three, it resets again. Moreover, there are events that occur in those times - the Woolpocalypse, the Feast, and the Stadium Challenge. Every event is announced on this website, on our Steam page, and on the SklUpdate podcast.

Q. What do you mean "money-oriented"?

A. We use the unit of currency 'Dragmires' on our server. You get Dragmires from killing mobs, completing tasks, and generally doing things you do in normal play, should you choose to enable them. You get money for taking and fulfilling assassination requests. You even get a small amount every day when you log on. One of the goals of the battle is to acquire the most money, making Dragmires a valuable resource.

Q. What do you mean "team"?

A. The game is based around alliances. Find or found a good one, and you have a high chance of victory. Go it alone and expect defeat. As a team, you can capture land for your alliance using Dragmires. Command strategic points on the map to cause devastation to your enemies. Share resources and use your alliance's private chat. One of the goals of the battle is to own the most land, making your alliance a necessary part of the game.

Q. What do you mean "arms race"?

A. This is something unique we have to the server. When you first join a game, you are a "Woodsman". Woodsmen can only work with wood tools and blocks - they can't break any ores or place or break many blocks. Quickly, however, you will become a "Smith", who can work with stone, coal, and cobble. Continue through the ranks by completing certain requirements, and, in some optional cases, paying real $. The more you play, the more rank you gain, and the more advantage you have over your opponents.

Q. What do you mean "battle"?

A. Pretty much, there are three objectives to every TSElite game. Get the most money, claim the most land, and be the alliance with the most resources. Battles span from one map reset to the next, and winners of previous battles receive an advantage of additional starting funds. You play in survival mode and work to acquire these three goals. See the tutorial videos for more information.

Q. How do I know when events are going to happen?

A. We announce all of our events on this site, our Steam page, and the SklUpdate podcast. We usually announce the start of new games and the winners of previous ones in all of those places, as well as our Facebok and Twitter pages.

Q. What plugins does your server use?

A. We run about 50 plugins on the server, including Factions, iConomy, WorldGuard, ChestShop, MultiVerse, LWC, Heroes, Jobs, and WorldBorder.

Q. How can I find your server?

A. The server is whitelisted and limited to those who ask. If you're interested in joinin the fray, first be in our Steam group, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Then, send us an email with your Minecraft name and expression of desire to play. We'll fill you in as soon as we are able. See the video tutorial for more information. You can see a map of our server at any time by entering the following into your browser: "".

Q. Can I donate to the server?

A. Absolutely! Donations are necessary to keep the server running. To donate, you can purchase a gamepack from in-game that will also give you an advantage in battle. If you would prefer to custom-give money, ???. Doing so will get your name posted on the in-game Donators board and get you a special status to play with.

Q. Can I build on your server?

A. Currently, no. For now, the server is completely dedicated to TSElite battles. In the future, we may add a Build world, but for now, that's a negatory.